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Colleague Testimonials


Dr. Scamardella and Dr. DiBona are two of the finest dentists in the metro area. Dr. Scamardella's attention to detail makes him a great surgeon and Dr. DiBona's aesthetic eye makes a team worth attention. I recommend this group to anyone interested in the best dental care in a friendly environment.

By: John C Minichetti, DMD
Diplomate, American Board of Oral Implantology
President, American Academy of Implant Dentistry

I must say, that although I live in Australia, I know that the people at DiBona and Scamardella Dental Studio are among the leaders in the land when it comes to providing excellent quality, world class customer service within the provisions of their practice of dentistry.

And along with that, I know Dr Scamardella and Dr DiBona are amongst the most highly educated dentists in the USA. They are continually undertaking extracurricular dental courses to provide greater treatment options for their valued clients and customers.

Dr Karen and Dr Mark are truly two of the nicest people you would ever meet in the practice of dentistry across the country.

I highly recommend their fine dental office.

By: Dr. David Moffet

As a dental technician, I have worked with hundreds of dentist throughout my career. Drs. Scamardella and DiBona are unquestionably among the top dentists I have known in regard to their clinical expertise. I have personally witnessed their planning and customization on each case, so that every patient is given the best care possible. Their aptitude in analyzing chewing patterns and the ability to communicate their patient’s esthetic concerns to the ceramist is what sets them apart from other dentists in the industry. This meticulous planning and execution results in a restoration that is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. Throughout the years we have collaborated to create many healthy and beautiful smiles and I look forward to creating many more.

By: Jason J. Kim CDT